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Sew Much Fun Ahead

So many things have been going on since Appliqué Away on Galveston away.

Oh and bye the way check out their website for the upcoming classes in 2023. They have some amazing teachers coming.

Me, I'll be teaching at Bay Area Quilt Guild September 6 with a lecture and a workshop on September 7. So looking forward to the fun.

This summer I'll be teaching at Fabric Etcetera in Webster, TX in July, August and September so check their website and I'll have more information about that as well.

I'll be teaching at Sew Special in Katy in August, and September. I'll be putting more information about that here soon as well, but you can check their website for classes and dates.

I'll be in Georgia in March of 2023 at East Cobb Quilt Guild, I'm so very excited about going back to Georgia where my quilting journey began

I'm also so excited that next year I will be teaching at Baltimore on the Prairie in September 2023 so excited about that.

There are a few other things coming up this year but I can't say quite yet. So very excited to get started on traveling and teaching. I love teaching so much its my favorite thing to do

So that is all the fun I can talk about right now. I'm going to try to start blogging every week now!!!!

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What a great teaching schedule- so much fun! How does one sign up for a class?

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