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Georgia and East Cobb Quilters Guild

Sitting at the airport last night getting ready to head home watching my plane pull up to the gate, it was hard to believe my time in Georgia was over!!

I had so much fun at East Cobb Quilters Guild. Two lectures and an incredible time teaching my workshop!! These ladies were so much fun I loved my time with them!!!

They have two groups, an evening group and a day group, I was lucky enough to spend time and present my lecture to both groups. I love when I can inspire others to look at fabric in a slightly different way than maybe they did before.

There were 22 ladies who attended my workshop on what started out as a stormy Saturday morning. I had so much fun with these ladies and one incredibly talented gentleman!! So much talent. They all did such a great job!!

I loved being back in Georgia, spending time with lots of old friends and making new ones.

Now it's time to get on that plane and head home thank you East Cobb Quilters Guild for an amazing time!!!

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